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Year of Yes is a very interesting book because it’s about a specific year in Shonda’s life. But, it’s not about the first year of “Grey’s Anatomy.” It’s not about the years of struggle before she got her big break and started the path of ruling primetime TV. It’s about after all that. When she has not only Grey’s, but “Scandal” as well. Where she, herself, was a household name. Not just the lead actresses in her show, but Shonda Rhimes is a household name. It’s about the year that she realized that despite all her success and power, she was unhappy. Why? Because she said no to everything.

Shonda teaches that it’s not just about success. You have to say yes to things, you have to meet people and you have to let the correct people into your life. You also have to say yes to saying no. It’s a fine line, but we can all figure out what works for us. That’s another thing, saying “yes” is not something that you have to wait to do when you are at the top of your game. You can do it now. You can open yourself up to adventure and fun and people, right now.

Year of Yes

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