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WHITE SMOKE by Tiffany D. Jackson delivered everything and more. It's a psychological thriller with horror elements... or a horror thriller with psychological elements. Rich, white people are essentially abusing gentrification/poverty, saturating the hopeless with gaslighting & televangelism, and exploiting any and all avenues of legal vs illegal marijuana possession resulting in so many people unfairly jailed, their homes foreclosing, etc. And then there's this new family in a "free house" headed by a Foundation and all they want is a little quid pro quo creative work at the end of said 'contract.' Oh, and the house is giving on MAJOR vibes of being haunted, one of the kids is either seeing ghosts or acting possessed, and seriously creepy things are happening everywhere you look. The way Jackson made ALL of this work together so effortlessly is such a feat! The perfect haunted house story with its own twists, turns, & vibe, as well... this is definitely ANYTHING BUT a carbon copy like most haunted house based horror.

White Smoke

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