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Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford was a heart-wrenching story about loss, hardship, and self-acceptance. It was written with raw honesty and portrayed the people who influenced Ashley’s life both negatively and positively. It was a coming-of-age story that was beautifully written about a broken family and the influence they had on Ashley C. Ford’s early and later life. She lived with constant fears, heartbreak, and anxiety and was constantly disrespected both physically and emotionally throughout her life. That physical and emotional abuse made Ashley always question her self-worth. Her story was so inspiring and she preserved and accomplished all that she did despite the life she was dealt. Somebody’s Daughter was both thought-provoking and endearing. In awe of how Ashley was able to rise above her circumstances and write this beautiful memoir. This book is highly recommended.

Somebody's Daughter

Book to be Available 3-5 Days
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