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“Self-care for black women” is a timely book meant to inform, empower, and encourage black women about self-care as well as take control of their lives by adding self-care practices to their daily lives.

The book begins with a discussion of the double burden black women face in society by being black and a woman. Due to a lack of self-care practices among block women, this leads to unnecessary stress and in some cases, death. Following the introduction, Adeeyo explains to the reader why black women must practice self care and introduces terminology such as intergenerational trauma, radical self-care (actively putting your wellness before others,) and race-based traumatic stress (your body’s response to mental and emotional damage.) By employing self-care on a daily basis, the reader will be able to having coping skills in place during stressful times.

The book is unique in that it presents 150 self-care activities specifically designed for black women by a black woman. By dividing into book into three sections: mind, body, and soul, Adeeyo aims to help the reader cultivate and renew their sense of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. 

Self-Care for Black Women

Book to be Available 3-5 Days
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