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Let Me Hear A Rhyme is about 3 friends Jasmine, Quadir, and Harrell who are still mourning the death of Jasmine's brother Steph who was murdered weeks before. They find out that Steph had recorded several rap songs and decide to promote his music, while letting everyone think he's still alive and get him signed to a record deal. Then they use the money to find out who his killer is.

This book like all Tiffany D. Jackson's books deals with some dark subjects but unlike her other books Let Me Hear A Rhyme is also fun. This book takes place in 1998 and is filled with rap and cultural references from that time. 90's Hip Hop is still to this day a favorite for many. Let Me Hear A Rhyme is a love letter to hip hop. Not just the music but the culture.  

This book is fantastic! 

Let Me Hear a Rhyme

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