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Black Buck tells a tale of Darren Vendor, your typical twenty two year old guy that works at Starbucks and lives with his mom. Darren graduated as his high school's valedictorian but after graduating becomes complacent in life. His mom, like any other mom, has bigger goals for her son and vocalizes it every chance she gets. One day, Darren steps out on a limb to sell his regular customer, Rhett, a coffee that is different from his regular order. Rhett offers Darren an opportunity of a lifetime, to come work for him at his company, after this Darren's life is never the same. "Back in my day, when a white man gave you an opportunity, it came at a cost."

Once Darren goes to work for Sumwun he is transformed in to "Buck", a moniker given to him because he worked for Starbucks."I'll tell you what I do know, Darrone. Or rather, Buck. I'd call you Starbucks, but it's too long, so Buck will have to do. You don't mind do you, Buck?" Darren is the only black person that works at Sumwun and faces many racial challenges, but because of his mom he pushes through in hopes of being the best man that he can be. "Well, no matter how hard it gets, remember why you're there, Dar. To become somethin' and show the world what you're made of. To let your light shine and be all I know you can be." 

Black Buck

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