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2024 - It's a New Year

New Year, New Reads - 2024 Reading Resolutions

Hey, Book'ED and Co. family! Stephanie here, and can you believe it's already 2024? Time flies when you're immersed in captivating stories. Let's kick off the year right by setting some literary resolutions. If you are trying to determine where to start with your resolutions check out two common examples here:

1. Set a Reading Goal:

Action Steps:

  • Determine the number of books you'd like to read in 2024.

  • Break it down into achievable monthly or weekly goals.

  • Use a reading tracker to monitor your progress.

  • Regularly check your progress against your set goals.

  • Adjust your goals if needed, considering your pace and schedule.

  • Challenge yourself with occasional reading sprints to boost your progress.

  • Celebrate milestones - when you celebrate your small victories you are more likely to keep going.

2. Explore New Genres:

Action Steps:

  • Identify genres you haven't explored before.

  • Pick a book from each genre to read throughout the year.

  • Join book clubs or discussions focused on these genres for recommendations.

  • Keep track of the genres you explore in your reading journal.

  • Rate each genre based on your enjoyment to discover your newfound favorites.

  • Share your experiences with others.

Let's reflect on 2023

This year Book'ED Book Club was formed and we started with a powerhouse of a book, Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington. By surprise to the members and myself, Karen made her way onto our book review from Africa and we had the opportunity to learn more about her as well as get first-hand advice on leveling up our life. From there we traveled through different genres, but I must highlight Kennedy Ryan who made me fall in love with her Before I Let Go. So many other indescribable reads, but one of my top favorites was I Am the Prize. We ended the year knowing who we are, and for those in the far far back that may not have got the memo. I Am the Prize!

Personal Reading Goals for 2024

As this year takes me on a journey into new books I plan to read 5-6 books a month. For this goal, I will utilize a combination of audible and hardcopy books. I want to also tab more and I have started a digital book journal to help track my reading progress and take keynotes from each read. Oh and although I love, love, love fiction novels I want to create more of a balance this year to expand my knowledge of history and business. This year I will do more book reviews to help you out with your book selections and that has me extremely excited. So lights, camera, action - I am ready to record.

What's On Your TBR?

Need some recommendations to add to your TBR pile? I've got you covered! Make sure you stay connected as I release my top 5 of 2023 and the top 5 on my 2024 TBR. If you are ready to dive into your next favorite book? Head over to and explore a curated collection of diverse stories to kickstart your literary resolutions.

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