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SPRING .... Where have you been???

We all know that the time has come to adjust our clocks again which means spring time is approaching. If you are anything like me - you're probably saying, wait what? I'm loosing a hour in the day which already seems too short. I know for lots this may mean it's time to look at daily schedules and adjust our routines.

We are always thinking of creative ways to help you balance your time for reading and relaxation. Here are some tips we have for you as spring time approaches.

1. Make the Most of the Day:

We are constantly encouraging you to set aside 10 mintues of reading a day. I know that you may be wondering what can I read in 10 minutes, but 10 minutes is not only a great start but it takes you a long way. Dedicating the 10 minutes creates discipline and leads to consistency. On an average a year reading 10 minutes allows you to read approximately 12 books a year. So small steps leads to major miles.

2. Include Your Kids:

Spring Break is a great opportunity to include the kiddos into reading with you. Find a book that they may like to read and set aside mommy and me reading times. This not only allows you time to read but also builds a reading foundation for your children. You can count on Book'ED and Co. as we stock our shelves and have affordable pricing with you in mind for spring time reading with your kids.

3. Use Breaks:

If you are anything like me there is nothing more relaxing during a busy day at work then finding a hide away spot at work to enjoy a few quality minutes of a real good book. Now let me tell you the benefits of this refresh. It takes my mind away from the day to day task at work and clears my mind. By the time my break is over I am Ready. Set. Go to finish my shift. Another prime time is using those moments I am waiting to pick up my son from an after school activity. I've learned to enhance my level of patience by loosing track of the wait time because turning the pages becomes my focus.

4. Enjoy Outside

Spring time brings beautiful weather. No matter where you live Spring is better than the cold winter for sure. Take advanatge of your porches and balconies. Visit your local parks and beaches. Take your book with you and allow the sun and breeze to set an oasis. A nice spot by some water adds scenery for whatever you're reading. Did someone say set the mood? Well the mood is set.

Whatever you do in the time adjustments don't stop reading. If you find yourself in need of more assistance with making reading apart of your daily schedule we are here to help. Click the button below and become apart of our reading family today.

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