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Rediscovering the MAGIC: Stephanie Hicks Top 5 Tips to Reignite Your Love for Reading

Reading has always been a hobby of mine. I remember when I was younger with fewer responsibilities, you know the time before I became the mother of a teenage boy who makes plans for me before I make plans for myself. The time before having to wake up in the morning and work rather for someone else's company or my own. The time before no matter how I planned self-care or me-time there just wasn't any time left in a day for it. You know the time when one might say things were simple. Easy! Grabbing a good book and my blanket, because even though I grew up in the sunny state of Florida no matter the temperature outside or inside the house I still required a cozy blanket. Finding a spot to curl up and get lost in the pages was the highlight of any day. Now I wasn't your average reader; however, the book in my hand was the start of creating my own movie in my head. I mean I would create a soundtrack and pair the characters with real-life actors and actresses that I was into at that time. Reading was not a chore it was fun. Admit it to yourself right now that sounds fun, right? So I'll share with you what I did to bring this fun back into my life now as an adult and the actions you can take to reignite the fun of reading in your life as well.

I could tell you that it is all going to be easy if you only start today, but I want to be open and honest here. Starting today is just half of the battle because the other half is continuing daily. Well, at least until you finish the book right. I have come across so many people who have started a thing but not finished a thing and trust me I would not be doing you any justice if I just get you to start. I'm going to help you start and finish all while having fun. If you're anything like me you enjoy moments when you don't have to do the adulting thing and can just have a little fun. Let's explore the top 5 tips to reignite your love for reading.

Top 5 Tips to Reignite Your Love for Reading
Woman reading her favorite book

When you think about reading you must begin this process by deciding that you want to read. With today's technology reading has been made easier than ever. The world has provided us with options on how to enjoy the thing we loved to do! Rather you are the one who enjoys holding a physical book in your hand or the one who has a pimped-out decorated with all the cute I love books stickers Kindle. Maybe you are the one who prefers listening to the book while you're multi-tasking through your other daily responsibilities. No matter your preference one thing each person has in common is THEY WANT TO READ.

So as you are recreating this life of reading try out these 5 things and watch as your fire for books and flames of reading grow larger and larger.

  • Book Date Night: Rekindle the Romance with Your Favorite Genre!

Action Step: Set a "book date night" with yourself or a loved one. Choose a book from your favorite genre or an exciting new one, make some cozy snacks, and create a cozy reading corner with blankets and pillows. Dive into the story together and let the adventure take you away! Remember it's ok to allow the words to float off their pages and your imagination go wild.

  • Bookish Bucket List: You've Wanted to Now it's Time To!

Action Step: Create a "bookish bucket list" with five books from different genres, authors, or time periods that you've always wanted to read. Challenge yourself to read each one within the next six months, and mark them off as you go. Take the fun literary journey that you've been wanted to for a while now

  • The Audiobook Extravaganza: Turn Chores into Reading Adventures!

Action Step: Download an audiobook of a book you've been dying to read or a classic you've always wanted to revisit. Listen to it while doing chores, running errands, or even during your daily commute. You'll be surprised how much more you can "read" when you turn everyday tasks into reading opportunities!

  • Join the Book Club: Book'ED

Action Step: Find your space in a community with others who either are avid readers already or others who are getting back in the swing of things. Here you will find your accountability partner who we call our Book'ED Buddies. Meet regularly to discuss the books, exchange thoughts, and enjoy our book-themed gatherings!

  • The Book & Movie Marathon: Lights, Camera, Literature!

Action Step: Choose a book that has been adapted into a movie (or vice versa) and plan a book and movie marathon night! If the book of choice hasn't been turned into a trendy movie that's ok too. You can find a movie that relates to the book of choice and compare the two. Read the book first, and then watch the movie after. It's a fun way to experience a story from different perspectives!

By incorporating these fun and life-applicable tips into your reading routine, you can reignite your love for books and discover new literary adventures! Now as you prepare to make reading fun again discover one of our favorite books from our bookshop.

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Thank you for being so informative when it comes to reading! I love the strategic ways to keep us engaged and encouraged to read!


Great Blog. I will try this ideas. Love the book date night idea.

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