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Fall Into Fiction: Must-Read Books by Black Authors for Autumn

As the leaves begin their vibrant transformation of colors and the air turns crisp, there's no better time to indulge in the pleasures of a good book. Autumn, with its cozy vibes, invites us to slow down, sip on warm beverages like our pumpkin spice teas and coffees, and lose ourselves in captivating stories. To help you create your fall-inspired TBR I'm delighted to recommend a handpicked selection of novels by black authors that are perfectly suited for your autumn To Be Read list.

Genre: Satire/Dark Comedy

"Black Buck" by Mateo Askaripour is a sharp, exploration of race, identity, and corporate culture. The novel follows the transformation of Darren, a young black man who rises through the ranks in a predominantly white tech startup. With wit and humor, Askaripour delves into the complexities of ambition, success, and authenticity in the corporate world.

Genre: Thriller

Tiffany D. Jackson takes us on a spine-tingling journey in "White Smoke." When Marigold is invited to a mysterious research institute in the Rockies, she soon realizes that the dark secrets hidden within the institution might threaten her sanity and her very existence. With its chilling atmosphere and mind-bending twists, "White Smoke" is the perfect read to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Dive into the world of workplace drama and the complexities of being "the only one" in this thought-provoking novel. Nella Rogers is thrilled when another black woman, Hazel, joins her predominantly white publishing company. But as the only two black employees, they soon discover that there's more to Hazel than meets the eye. A witty exploration of office politics, identity, and the cost of assimilation, "The Other Black Girl" is a must-read.

Share Your Autumn Reading List

Have you discovered other incredible books by black authors that are perfect for autumn reading? We'd love to hear your recommendations. Share your autumn reading list in the comments section below, and let's engage in discussions about our favorite seasonal reads.

Autumn is a time of transformation, and what better way to embrace it than through a really good book? These books offer not only captivating stories but also diverse voices that deserve to be heard. Happy autumn reading!

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