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Did Someone Say Back To School

Uniforms, Barbershops, Salons, and School Supplies. All the things the kids need as they prepare to journey back to school. Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner. The days transition from video games and summer vacations to the sound of mechanical pencils and school activities. Parents are sensing a little freedom from the cleaned-out refrigerators and the sound of kids making noise in and out of the house. Did someone say Back to School? It's definitely that time of year and I am here to add one thing to your preparation list.

As you shop for all the supplies, prepare your kid to be dripped out, and drop your recent graduate to their new dormitory don't forget to leave them with a good book. There are three reasons as a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, nanny, or papa we need to encourage and create an atmosphere for reading at home. I can't be happier to share them with you. One read book in a hand is as if premium gas in a car. It's the fuel needed to get our children from one level to the next.

Do you encourage at-home reading for your child?

  • YES

  • NO

So as promised I am going to tell you the benefits of encouraging and supporting your child's reading at home. Although the easiest approach would be to tell you that educating your child starts at home before they go to school I am sure that is something that someone has said or maybe you may have even heard that's not the angle we will take today.

  • Creating a Love for Reading:

Reading at home flexes those brain muscles, boosting smarts like a superhero in training. It sparks creativity and imagination allowing your child to be the creator they were destined to be. This creates the ability to discover different genres and focus on the ones that they love best.

  • Enhancing Language Skills and Cognitive Development:

Regular reading improves vocabulary, communication, and comprehension skills, enhancing success in school and beyond. This helps develop life skills. Reading exposes children to a wide range of words and phrases they might not encounter in everyday conversation. This exposure helps them build a richer vocabulary and enhances their ability to express themselves effectively. Following storylines, understanding characters' motivations, and predicting outcomes all contribute to their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. What child wouldn't benefit from effective communication and problem-solving skills?

  • Fostering Stronger Family Connections:

Reading together at home builds strong connections and relationships among family members. It's a chance to share stories, ideas, and emotions, fostering closeness. One key focus here for our communities is the ability to express our emotions. Often times we are judged and classified by our inability to appropriately express ourselves but to know that reading could change the impact of our ability to express ourselves is at-home therapy in a book. Buy the book today!

As you start this school year off for your prince or princess no matter their age implement reading into their at-home schedule. Buy a book and foster an atmosphere to read. Even if that means you read with them. If you want the best for your child show it by grabbing a good book and setting aside 20 minutes a day to read. No worry if you need help with finding the time or finding a book for them don't be afraid to reach out to us here at Book'ED and CO. We have options available to assist you and we are ready to help you help your children.

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